We are brand strategists, headquartered in Singapore, with offices in Bangkok, Jakarta, Manila, New York and San Francisco. We help brands from all over the world engage with their customers in Asia. We live and breathe brands, by defining and redefining them to help them develop a sustainable and meaningful identity, in local or global markets, both B2B and B2C, for established or new players.

About Us

“Philosophy? That’s a bit pretentious don’t you think? ”

Actually no, we don’t mean it to be. Philosophy simply means ‘love of knowledge’. It best describes the relentless drive we have to delve deeper into our clients’ customers psyche and their behavior and preferences, gathering insights to re-energize their brands.
Understanding Branding

Why Brands Matter

Why do brands even matter? In a competitive and crowded market, well-defined and effectively positioned brands allow customers to make choices, whether the customer is a shopper in a mall, or a business decision-maker in a board room selecting a supplier.

Brands need to attain a deep understanding of their customers, because this understanding helps them build a rapport with their customers, which in turn helps customers to prefer your brand over others.

Brands need to clearly understand the way their customers think, behave, and decide. This understanding then needs to be leveraged in to building an emotional and rational connection with the customers, through positive engagement across all touchpoints.

This can only be done when brands have deep knowledge and understanding of their own DNA and that’s where we come in.

Driving Brands

What We Do

We build brands.
We grow businesses.

Brand Audit

Understanding customers begins with research, and extracting the right insights to build an engaging brand strategy.

Brand Positioning & Architecture

We understand consumer behaviour in Asia, across all the different markets. We leverage our understanding to build the Brand Positioning, including the Brand Promise, key differentiators and Brand Personality, Touchpoint Management as well as Brand Architecture.

Brand Design

We then proceed to deliver actionable solutions that include: brand/product naming, development of logo, development of design assets including corporate identity, Web Site, and and various marketing materials.

Brand Communication & Launch

With so many marketing messages bombarding the consumers every day, it is of paramount importance that brands identify the right messages and channels to engage with their customers. We use insights extracted from research to map out the key messages to communicate to each customer segment, and the most optimal channels to use. Essentially, this acts as a road map for developing marketing campaigns.

Living Brands

Our Experience

We work with a diverse mix of brands across the world, helping them engage with customers in Asia. Our experience includes cross-sector brands that range from early to late stage start-ups, SMEs, government agencies and MNCs.


For our MNC brands, our work entails more localization and communication work, adapting and translating global guidelines into market-specific strategies.

Start-up & SME

For our start-up and SME brands, we journey through with them in building their brand and foothold in the market, even helping them identify funding schemes and grants.


With our government clients, we have extensive experience in helping them engage and connect with their respective target audiences. This covers various agencies and ministries in Singapore and the United States.


We strongly believe in giving back within the communities we serve, and work proudly on a pro-bono basis with numerous non-profits and social enterprises.
Brand Philosophy

Behind the Brand

Arsalan Ali

Founder & Managing Partner

We are a team of eight across our 6 offices. Every project is led and supervised by our founder and managing partner, Arsalan Ali.

Arsalan spent more than 10 years at two advertising agencies in the US in account management working with Fortune 500 clients. He grew up in London, acquired his Bachelor’s degree from Ohio, USA, worked in New York City for nine years, spent the next two years in California establishing & developing the West coast presence for Miller Advertising Agency, before moving to Singapore in 2007.

Arsalan brings extensive experience with brand strategy and managerial & operational expertise. His past roles have included Director of Client Services for TMP Worldwide (New York, Boston and Philadelphia), Managing Director for Miller Advertising Agency (New York and Palo Alto, California), and Managing Director for Jorg Dietzel Brand Consultants (Singapore).

He currently sits on the Board of the DPA in Singapore, and periodically acts as a judge at industry events and guest lectures in local universities.

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